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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bugs everywhere

I have been hunting bugs for the last few days, and it is beginning to pay!

With much help from leo, as usual (I wouldn't even have been aware that we needed to call VTABLE_destroy for every object out there because it forces io objects to flush their contents if he hadn't told me), make tests now reports 96% of passed tests (instead of 85%). And the remaining evil 3.5% seem to be only one memory corruption that makes them segfault (I cross fingers that I'll be able to find it soon and that it is the only one remaining). The url I gave for make test output has been updated, and I'll try to keep updating it when it changes (happily very soon !).

There also has been a discussion with people from TPF and leo went through my code. He seemed to see no serious flaw (other than not having enough comments, which is one of my bad coding habits...) and confirmed that, as me, he thought I would be able to make it in time.


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