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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Confirmation and Monotone

I received two days ago the mail that I had been waiting for more than a week : Chris confirming me that I had been accepted.
Cheers !

Just in time for the end of my internship in Marseille. Now I have much more time and I can stop worrying, so I should be able to be productive again.

I resumed the work in full-description.pod (not mirrored yet) with some initialization functions and more data structures related to multi-threading issues.

I also managed to compile monotone (manual compilation of 0.20 and emerge of 0.19 failed, but the ~x86 0.20 ebuild worked) and set up a local version of my parrot tree, where I will store my changes before the whole thing is ready. There is no online mirror but if people want so, I think I could make one (although finding monotone-capable web servers seems not very easy...).

I have good hopes of the project eventually being on track !


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