Nattfodd SoC

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Slowly but with certainty (is there an idiomatic english translation ?), the project is going on.
full-description.pod has been updated, and I am beginning to really understand how things are going on in the internals of parrot.

Multi-threading, however, will may be be a problem, as the spec is not complete yet, so I have to make guesses at how things will work. Of course, that also means that I won't have to write code for it right now, but I think forgetting it entirely would be a mistake, as this would make adapting the code much more difficult when it eventually comes in...

I had a small talk with leo on IRC and he pointed me to the right places for adding the extra layer in object allocation (the trick_that_mades_compacting_possible).

More importantly, he advised me to use exuberant-ctags. I had already looked at it before and even installed the right vim (did I say somewhere that it was the greatest editor on the planet ? Well, I should have) mode, but never had the (courage|motivation|desire|need|fill_in_with_whatever_pleases_you) to use it seriously. And I must confess it's life changing ! No more random walk in files whose names look vaguely suggestive and big "grep -ri my_function src/" which gives some thousands calls of the function and hidden somewhere (if we are lucky) a declaration.