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Saturday, July 16, 2005

GMC for dummies

I may not have said it elsewhere, but the name of the project is GMC : Generational Mark & Compact (though funnier interpretations have been proposed).

Nevertheless, I had a small discussion with leo today, on the first draft, and he gave me the key to nice and easy indirection level for objects access. But the lack of a clear and simple description of the thing and how it all worked was quite patent (full_design.pod is more an API than an explanation). So I wrote a second document, gmc_for_dummies.pod, which is (I think) a lot clearer and will help me (and leo, I hope) much.

I think it's the best introduction if you want to have a more accurate idea of what the project is all about (btw, if you don't know what pod is, it stands for Plain Old Documentation and is widely used in Perl). man perlpod will tell you much about it, but a simpler way to access it is to run "pod2html" on it, which will produce a plain looking html page.


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