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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Update : GMC on tracks

More than two weeks since last post, and a little more than two weeks before deadline... But things have changed a lot !

The coding phase is quite advanced, and you can retrieve it in a svn branch : svn co

I'm almost done with the extra-layer of indirection for PMC. It was much slower than what I expected, mostly because I had to understand many parts of parrot internals in great details before being able to modify it in the way I intended to. Leo was of course a great help in the process, and I hope my repetitive questions have not annoyed him too much...

As soon as the new PMC design works (without GC, of course), which I expect to be in a day or two, I will be able to begin coding the GC itself. It should be faster because it's mostly linked list manipulation, which I'm a lot more familiar with, and the algorithms are ready...


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